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Call | WhatsApp: +91-9159630757

Call | WhatsApp: +91-9159630757

JKSkillHub in Panchkula provides charitable education-teaching important skills and sharing knowledge to empower communities.

Education is both the means as well as the end to a better life. Indeed, It is a movement from darkness to light. Without education, people get caught in the inter-generational cycles of poverty and backwardness. Seven decades have passed after independence but still, India struggles to achieve a literacy rate of over 90%.

Providing quality education to all children of India should be the top priority of both the State and Central governments. And thus, the different departments of the Government of India often support charities to bring more and more children under the ambit of their education initiatives.

Since India is a vast country, both geographically and demographically, government alone cannot bring all children into the fold of education. The retention rate in schools is still abysmally low and a large number of children drop out even before completing class 8. The status of girl child education is even worse as the mindset that girls may not be educated as they are to be eventually married off still prevails in the Indian society.

So, a small step of  JKSKILLHUB introduce  its  new venture as a “Charitable Educational Foundation”, here we provide Free-Education for Needy Students from 5th Std. to 12th Std. All-subjects Tuition & Computer-Coaching to these students will make them more capable in their specific streams. We groom them in coding skills and encourage their confidence to face all hurdles and hardships